Sunday, October 7, 2012

FTC Takes Action Against Companies Marketing Allegedly Unproven Natural Bed Bug

Cedar, Cinnamon, Lemon Grass, Peppermint, and Clove Oil? There's No Proof They Will Eradicate Bed Bugs, Agency Says.
 The Federal Trade Commission filed deceptive advertising charges against two marketers of remedies for bed bug infestations, who allegedly failed to back up over-hyped claims that they could prevent and eliminate infestations using natural ingredients, such as cinnamon and cedar oil. One marketer also allegedly made misleading claims that its products were effective against head lice. 

 In one of the two cases, RMB Gruop LLC and its principas have agreed to settle the charges relating to their "Rest Easy" bed bug products. In the case against Cedarcide Industries, Inc. and others, challenging their marketing of "Best Yet!" bed bug and head lice treatments, the defendants have not settled, and the FTC is beginning litigation against them. 



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