Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Traveling Season, Bedbugs in Full Swing

With summer right around the corner, your family vacation could turn into a nightmare. Bedbugs are being reported across the United States, don't feel the bite! Here are some tips to help you stop these blood sucking hitchhikers from catching a ride to your home.
Research Before you reserve a room, research the hotel to discover any past incidents of bed bugs. A site called The Bedbug Registry allows you to search for specific hotels to look for reports of bed bugs. Other travel sites that allow users to leave reviews give you a way to check up on hotels. A past problem with bed bugs doesn't mean you should completely avoid a hotel. While difficult to get rid of the bugs, it is possible to solve the problem. Look for repeated reports at different points in time to identify major problems.
Read The full Article. USA Today "Traveling Tips to Prevent Bedbugs" Are you worried your hotel, or vacation home may have bedbugs. Check out Bedbugrestistery.com

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