Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bed Bugs invading Huntington, WV

It feels like bed bugs are taking over Huntington WV. Over the last couple of weeks the calls into my office for bed bug control has grown. With what was as few as one or two calls a week, just one year ago has increased to two or three calls a day. I have seen infestations in both the city and rural areas, as well as homes, and apartment units. Some infestations have been very large, and spreading to multiple units of apartment buildings. With this recent influx has come a personal mission to rid my clients homes of this biting pest. As well as to educate the public, on proper prevention and treatment. It's unfortunate that many home owners, renters, and landlords are tricked in to thinking they can rid their property of this pest with out professional help.

Just walk down the chemical isle of any hardware store, drug store, or big box department store, and you will see what I am talking about. It seems to me that every pest control chemical manufacture that sales products in these stores, promise their product will get rid of your bed bug infestation. The truth is that they will not, and may even cause your problem to spread to other rooms of your home. This can increase the cost of treating your home. Most of these products contain a chemical called pyrethrins. Many bed bug populations have build up a resistance to pyrethrins, pyrethrins also act as a repellent, possibly forcing bed bugs out of their hiding places, and into other rooms of your home.

Bed bug infestations require professional intervention. The home owner should chose a pest control professional they feel comfortable with, and that is knowledgeable in inspecting and treating this difficult pest. If you suspect you might have a bed bug problem, and live in the Huntington, Charleston WV area feel free to contact me via email or phone 304-521-1174 to schedule a free bed bug inspection.

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